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Renewable Energy Parks Webinar

March 19, 2013 5:00PM MDT


This free DOE webinar on "Community Renewable Energy Success Stories: Renewable Energy Parks," will take place on Tuesday, March 19, from 1:00 p.m. to 2:15 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time. The webinar will highlight how the city of Ellensburg, Washington, and the Town of Hempstead, New York, created renewable energy parks in their areas by integrating multiple renewable energy technologies. 

Ellensburg's Renewable Energy Park
In 2006, Ellensburg, Washington, built the first community solar project in the United States. Then, as part of the Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project, the city expanded the original solar installation and added a variety of small wind systems and a MET tower. At the conclusion of the project the city hopes to show the benefits of consolidated versus dispersed small renewables to both consumers and utilities including the ability to mitigate the somewhat unique problem in the Northwest of having too much generation and not enough load at certain times of the year. In addition, the city will provide a detailed analysis of the efficiencies of a variety of renewables systems and is developing a K-12 renewables curriculum in conjunction with Central Washington University.

From Execution to Education: Town of Hempstead's Project Energy
The Town of Hempstead, located on the western south shore of Long Island, New York, started its pathway to renewable energy demonstration and education with a simple 10 kilowatt solar photovoltaic (PV) project in 2005. Since then, through strategic partnerships and successful acquisition of grant funding, the town has completed an array of clean energy projects; many concentrated within the energy park in Point Lookout, New York. The various technologies at the energy park include a hydrogen refueling station powered by wind energy; various solar PV, solar thermal, and geothermal technologies; EV charging; a net-zero energy office; and an off-grid capable solar/wind shellfish aquaculture facility. This presentation will discuss the unique projects at the energy park, the town's successes and challenges during stages of implementation and operation, and the budding educational opportunity for the community.

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