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Sarai Geary - Program Manager, 48 Contiguous States

Sarai Geary

Sarai Geary (Muscogee Creek Nation) is a program manager in the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Indian Energy Policy and Programs. As program manager, Ms. Geary designs and implements technical assistance and educational programs that positively impact Indian energy development and promotes energy education for Indian Tribes.  Ms. Geary also provides advice and assistance in the identification of new and important issues related to tribal and domestic energy, analyzes potential impacts, and recommends appropriate actions.


Prior to joining the Department, Ms. Geary served as the Director for the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Office of Community Research & Development. Ms. Geary was responsible for providing program management, leadership, technical assistance, training, and technical assistance design and implementation for 25 chartered Indian Communities throughout eight counties in eastern Oklahoma.  In her capacity as Director for the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Community Research & Development Department, Ms. Geary was able to drive change and innovation in community development, community research, and strategic planning. Ms. Geary also extended program offerings and built collaborative relationships with both tribal and non-tribal agencies, as well as, other governmental agencies and several higher education institutions.


Ms. Geary has dedicated her life to furthering social justice initiatives both personally and professionally. With a bachelor's degree in organizational communication from the University of Portland and a law degree from the University of Missouri, Kansas City, Ms. Geary has built a foundation of educational principals to support the development and implementation of technical assistance and training programs. This foundation continues to grow as a result of her lifelong commitment to Indian Country.


Through extensive international work, Ms. Geary has broad experience in teambuilding across cultures, as well as in strategic planning and leadership. Focusing on community involvement and facilitating critical services, Ms. Geary has volunteered with many organizations, including Mvskoke Women’s Leadership, Oklahoma Federation of Indian Women, and the Oklahoma Bar Association Leadership Academy.


Contact Sarai via email or by calling 202-287-6886.