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Office of Indian Energy Organizational Structure

As a program office at DOE responsible for implementing energy programs, the Office of Indian Energy is structurally organized under the Office of the Under Secretary. This programmatic structure also focuses and facilitates the coordination between the Office of Indian Energy and the other companion program offices such as the Office of Fossil Energy, Office of Electricity and Energy Reliability and Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

The Office of Indian Energy is organized around its major statutory functions, namely, policy and programs:

Indian Energy Policy. The Office of Indian Energy coordinates participation in the development, refinement, training, and advice promoting consistent implementation of federal energy and Indian policy within DOE. This role additionally supports the Director’s liaison opportunities with other federal agencies, branches of the federal government, and other intergovernmental and stakeholders. 

Energy Development Programs. The Office of Indian Energy’s congressionally-directed program management and leadership role supports the Director’s responsibility to design, develop, coordinate, and oversee its own programs but also the program delivery in partnership with other programs within the Department, across the federal family, and in partnership with other private/public energy sector program providers.