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Continuity of Operations at Bonneville Power Administration, IG-0781

In the event of a major disruption to its nonnal operations, Bonneville must be prepared
to continue its essential functions, particularly its power scheduling, tra~lsmission
scheduling, and system operations. In this regard, Bonneville is required to follow
Federal Preparedness Circular 65 (FPC 65), as prescribed by the Department of
Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency. Under FPC 65, agencies
are to develop viable contingency plans. The Circular also provides a number of key
steps that agencies should take for continuity of operations. Specifically, it recommends
that each agency: ( I ) prepare alternate operating facilities; (2) establish a devolution plan
to be implemented if it is incapable of performing essential functions from either its
prlmary or alternate facility; and (3) test the capabilities of its continuity of operations
program. The objective of the audit was to determine whether Bonrleville had a viable
continuity of operations capability for its essential functions.