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Audit Report: IG-0541

January 15, 2002

Remediation and Closure of the Ashtabula Environmental Management Project

The RMI Titanium Company's Earthline Technology Division (RMI) is the Department of Energy's environmental restoration contractor at the Ashtabula Environmental Management Project (AEMP) in Ashtabula, Ohio. RMI owns the Ashtabula property, formerly known as the RMI Extrusion Plant, where the firm processed uranium for the Department and its predecessor agencies. In March 1993, the Department awarded a cost-reimbursable contract to RMI to clean the extrusion plant and adjacent grounds to a level that permits release of the site for unrestricted use. The contract required that RMI complete the project on or about March 31, 2003. The estimated cost to complete the project was about $237 million.