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10 CFR 851 Worker Safety and Health Program

Office of Health and Safety: Establishes worker safety and health requirements and expectations for the Department to ensure protection of workers from the hazards associated with Department operations.

The 10 C.F.R. 851 Work Group is established to promote excellence in the implementation of 10 C.F.R. 851, "Worker Safety and Health" and continuous improvement in the implementation of health and safety programs for the DOE contractor work force. The Work Group provides a collaborative opportunity for DOE to gain insights from the contractor work force and their representatives, and identify and communicate best practices. Focal areas of interest include hazard identification, worker knowledge of aging infrastructure, advancing best practices, establishing accountability vertically through the line, and discharging DOE's duties as a self-regulated entity.

10 CFR 851 Outreach and Awareness Activities

March 13, 2012
14th Annual Joint DOE/EFCOG Chemical Safety and Worker Safety and Health Program (10 CFR 851) Workshop

The purpose of this workshop is to foster continuous improvement of the implementation of 10 CFR 851 by sharing implementation experiences and ideas for enhancements gathered over the nearly 5 years since the rule’s date for full implementation.
Workshop Dates: March 13-15, 2012

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