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Independent Activity Report, Los Alamos National Security - June 2011

June 2011

Review of the Los Alamos National Security Emergency Operations Division Emergency Management Self-assessment Practices [HIAR-LANL-2011-06-08]

This review evaluated the establishment and maintenance of specific elements of the ERO, including their responsibilities for initial and ongoing response to and mitigation of an emergency. Additionally, evaluation criteria addressed effective control at the event scene and integration of local agencies and organizations that provide onsite response services. The review also evaluated whether an adequate number of experienced and trained personnel, including designated alternates, are available on demand for timely and effective performance of assigned ERO functions. The evaluation criteria used for this self-assessment was based on requirements stated in DOE Order 151.1C; the Emergency Management Guide; DOE Guide 151.1-4, Emergency Response Organization; and the self-assessment criteria contained in Appendix D of DOE Guide 151.1-3, Program Elements.

Considerable effort has been made by both LASO and LANS personnel to conduct effective emergency management program assessments, with numerous useful processes and behaviors readily observed by HSS during this review. Most importantly, within emergency management, LASO and LANS personnel have developed and implemented a process-driven assessment program that encourages a self-critical environment that will drive continued improvement.