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SAF-230DE - Web Based Course: Accident Investigation Overview

September 18, 2013 - 10:52am


SAF-230DE - Web Based Course: Accident Investigation Overview

The Office of Health Safety and Security (HSS) National Training Center (NTC) in collaboration with the HSS Accident Investigation Program (HS-24) has developed and released a course that provides an overview of the fundamentals of accident investigation. 

This course is intended to meet the every five year refresher training requirement for DOE Federal Accident Investigators under DOE Order 225.1B “Accident Investigations”, and serves as an orientation to other DOE Federal Accident Investigation Board Members who need a basic knowledge of AI.  Persons who had taken Accident Investigation Training prior to October 1, 2008 should now complete SAF230DE.

The course also serves as an orientation for non-Federal Contractors who are either conducting site level accident investigations, or supporting DOE Federal Accident Investigation Boards. The course reviews the concepts contained in the DOE-HDBK-1208-2012 Accident Investigation and Prevention  Volume 1 - Accident Analysis Techniques.

How to access the SAF-230DE Course

Link to the NTC LMS is:

Once you are logged in, select "Course Catalog" from the left-hand menu. Select the "SAF - Safety Training" folder from the list of folders in the center. Select "SAF-230DE Accident Investigation Overview" and click "Enroll". You will get a pop-up box asking if you would like to view the course now. If you select "Yes" the course will launch. If you select "Not Now", you will go back to the main course catalog screen. To access the course once you have enrolled, select "My Courses" from the left-hand menu, select the "SAF - Safety Training" folder and select "SAF-230DE Accident Investigation Overview" and select "Section 1: Introduction to Accident Investigation" to begin the course.

If you do not have an NTC LMS log-in, please go to this link to create a new account: . Once you have created a new account and it has been verified through an email link, you can follow the steps listed above to take the course.

View the promotional Video

Web Based Course: SAF-230DE, Accident Investigation Overview Promotional Video