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Mandatory Training

All DOE Federal employees and selected groups of contractor employees are required by law to complete specific training requirements:  Federal ethics; employee conduct; human resource management; safety; physical, personal, and information security; and continuity of operations training requirements.  Departmental Heads of Elements may impose additional requirements to meet specific program or functional needs.  For example, all DOE employees with security clearances above basic building entry are required to take an on-line class annually, but that training is administered apart from these classes.  Employees are required to ensure that their training record, which can be accessed through Employee Self-Service, is complete.  Responsible offices use official training records to prepare reports to Congress.  If completed training is not on the record, employees should contact their Program/Staff Element Training Coordinator.

Listing of Mandatory Training
Listing of Mandatory Supervisory Training
Mandatory Training SOP

(These resources are in the HCNet and can be accessed by DOE employees only.)