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DOE Leadership & Career Development Programs

Senior Executive Service Candidate Development Program (SESCDP):

This program consists of four Senior Executive Service Development Seminars designed to help position participants for selection into the SES. Each seminar reflects different key components of OPM's Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs). For more information please contact David Rosenmarkle

Federal Executive Institute (FEI):

At FEI, you will explore and build your knowledge and skills in personal leadership, transforming public organizations, the policy framework in which Government leadership occurs, and the broad global context of international trends and events that shape Government agendas. Since 1968, FEI has been known for the personal attention it gives to every executive who attends its programs. FEI's approach builds a learning community where Federal executives and faculty are both teachers and participants. For more information please contact Shawn Mason

Senior Executive Fellows Program:

The program focuses on skills associated with the Office of Personnel Management's (OPM) executive Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) and is designed for federal government employees at the GS-14/GS-15 levels or equivalent Pay Band levels. For more information please contact Johnny McChriston

Executive Potential Program (EPP):

The EPP is a competency-based program with a curriculum based on experiential learning and supported by classroom instruction. Program participants are expected to be away from their current positions for a minimum of six months over the course of the program. It is for federal employees at the GS-13 through GS-15 grade levels. The EPP is a year-long competency–based leadership program designed to develop senior-level public service employees into more effective leaders. The Program is based on the Office of Personnel Management’s Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) and the Graduate School’s Leadership Effectiveness Inventory (LEI). For more information contact Johnny McChriston

Executive Leadership Program (ELP):

The Executive Leadership Program develops the competencies needed to assume positions as team leaders, supervisors, or managers. The program helps participants acquire or enhance the LEF competencies needed to become a successful government leader and manager. This program is for federal employees at the GS-11 through GS-13 grade levels. Participants will complete the following activities: individual needs assessment; leadership development plans; leadership development team activities; developmental work assignment; shadowing assignment; executive interviews; management readings; and four residential training sessions. In order to complete all the components of the program, participants will be away from their position of record for a minimum of three months.  For more information contact Johnny McCrhiston.

New Leader Program (NLP):

The NLP is a six-month leadership program designed to develop future public service leaders by providing assessment, experiential learning, and individual development opportunities. The program provides a solid training and development foundation of leadership skills and team building, which are enhanced by agency developmental experiences. This program is for federal employees at the GS-7 through GS-11 grade levels who have recently entered leadership positions or have a high potential for leadership. The New Leader Program is for participants who wish to develop, enhance, or improve their leadership skills. Individuals should be nominated for this program based on their potential and motivation to complete all requirements and participate fully in all components of this intensive six-month program. For more information contact Johnny McChriston.

Aspiring Leader Program (ASP):

The Aspiring Leader Program prepares federal employees to be team leaders, supervisors, and managers by strengthening basic competencies and managerial skills such as oral and written communication, interpersonal skills, self-direction, customer service, flexibility, leadership, problem solving, and decisiveness. This program is for federal employees at the GS-4 to GS-6 level. For more information contact Johnny McCrhiston.