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Project and Survey Staff (HC-50.1)

Functional Statement

The Project and Survey Staff (HC-50.1) report to the Office of Human Capital Strategy, Budget, and Performance Metrics (HC-50).  The Project and Survey Staff work with other HC-50 divisions to provide strategic direction and advice to stakeholders through budget analysis, workforce projections, and performance metrics.  HC-50.1 facilitates the integration of HR program functions and cultivates business partnerships with Program and Staff Offices (PSO) within the Department to define and design Human Capital Management (HCM) implementation strategies for establishing and sustaining consistent quality management functions throughout Human Capital (HC).  These partnerships serve to ensure that human capital management strategies and policies are contstructively integrated within the broad missions, goals, and objectives of Departmental elements while ensuring compliance with applicable laws, legislation, and policies.

The Project and Survey Staff identifies potential Human Resources (HR) problem areas and needs throughout the Department, and create short- and long-range staff development solutions for HR, reflecting responsiveness and full support for Departmental programs and missions. HC-50.1 plans for, organizes, and executes complex operational, administrative or management studies or projects; conducts or oversees special studies or policy analyses and works with senior management to improve, streamline, and facilitate the ability of the CHCO to gain maximum performance for HC professionals.