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Human Capital Policy Division (HC-11)

Mission Statement

This division serves as the HCM policy arm for the Department. It supports program objectives and missions of all DOE components by developing HCM-related policies and strategies and supplies advice and guidance across the Department.


  • Provide a full range of staff support to the Chief Human Capital Officer including support required for internal and external responsibilities.
  • Develop and revise the agency human capital management strategy in support of the overall departmental strategic plan.
  • Seek out, influence and translate legislative and regulatory direction into Departmental strategies, policies and programs to address DOE human capital needs.
  • Research and develop Departmental directives and associated issuances addressing all aspects of a comprehensive HCM program.
  • Develop, identify, and coordinate policies, standards and guidance that provide the structure for Departmental training and development programs.
  • Review and comment on draft testimony for Congressional hearings related to assigned human capital management areas.