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Headquarters Separation Clearance Process

When a DOE employee leaves the agency, either by resignation, transfer to another agency, termination or retirement, there is an important process to follow. There is important information that you need to know about your pay and benefits prior to leaving the agency.  To set up an appointment to discuss further options, contact your servicing Human Resources Specialist. 

If you have made the decision to leave DOE, please notify your Administrative Officer as soon as possible so that they can assist you in completing this process in a timely manner.  The Headquarters Separation Clearance Form 3293.1  must be completed prior to your separation in order for your clearance to be completed.  At the time of your separation, we may ask you to take a couple of minutes to complete a short questionnaire. The questionnaire is intended to give you the opportunity to provide feedback on your experiences while working at DOE. This information is kept anonymous for use by DOE Human Resources officials in evaluating the effectiveness of human capital management programs within the agency.