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HC Policy and Services - Points of Contact

Learning and Development Contact Email  Phone
Executive Learning Rosenmarkle, David P 202-586-7978
Technical and Professional Skills Dent, Cheri D 202-586-9556
Supervisory Training Robinson, June V 202-586-9557
Competency Development Coleman, Eric 202-586-8466
Organizational Development Coleman, Eric 202-586-8466
Skills Assessment Coleman, Eric 202-586-8466
Mission Critical Occupations Coleman, Eric 202-586-8466
Training and Program Evaluation Welcome, Deadra 202-586-9533
CHRIS Training System Ward, Laura 505-245-2126
Training Policy Broach, David 202-586-5946
DVU Kaiser, Randee 505-245-2131
New Employee Orientation Head, Steve 202-586-9512
Policy & Guidance Contact Email Phone
Pay, Leave and Workschedules Murray, Bruce 202-586-3372
Telework Murray, Bruce 202-586-3372
Military & Reservists Murray, Bruce 202-586-3372
Performance Management Buckner, Lorrenda 202-586-8451
Staffing and Delegated Examining Wheeler, Tiffany 202-586-8481
Labor Relations Carter, Jennifer 202-586-9407
Staffing and Employment Policy Wheeler, Tiffany 202-586-8481
Overseas Assignments Murray, Bruce 202-586-3372
Excepted Service Murray, Bruce 202-586-3372
Benefits Johnson, Lynette 202-287-5834
Health Johnson, Lynette 202-287-5834
Position Classification Ackerman, Jennifer 202-287-6862
HCMAP Waldmann, George 202-586-9904
Career Pathways (Student / Entry-Level) Chappell, Kimberly 202-287-6054
Disability Recruitment Friend, Donna L 202-586-5880
Veterans Recruitment Friend, Donna L 202-586-5880 Morrison, Chris 202-586-2947
Recruitment Strategy Chappell, Kimberly 202-287-6054
Energy Student Ambassador Chappell, Kimberly 202-287-6054
Workforce Analysis and Planning Contact Email Phone
VSIP/VERA Jefferson, Tyrone 202-287-5835
Re-Organizations Inge-Farmer, Michele L 202-586-8990
Workforce Analysis Henderson, Lena 202-586-2225
HR Information Systems Contact Email Phone
CHRIS Wickert, Jay 202-586-0762
CHRIS HR/Recruit Workflow Swinson-Jones, Eunice T 202-586-2692
Online Learning Center (OLC) Johnson, Art 202-586-9552
ePerformance Pollock, Sharon 202-526-1373
eOPF Swinson-Jones, Eunice T 202-586-2692
Hiring Management Swanson, Matthew L 202-586-7788
Hiring Reform (Time to Hire) Nguyen, Tony 202-586-4533
HC Website Fox, John 202-586-6454
HR Services Contact Email Phone
IPAs, Details Matthews-Williams, Kimberly 202-586-9844
Experts, Consultants, Politicals, Schedule C, Non-Career Appointments Burkley, Tania 202-586-7657
Executive Resources Moultrie, Antionette 202-586-9662
Awards/Bonuses, Performance Management (SES, EJ/EK, SL/ST) Shaw, Ina 202-586-8464
HR Information Technology Williams, Tammy 202-586-3172
Special Programs  Kennedy, Rhonda 202-586-3544
Transit Program (SEET)
New Employee Orientation
Reasonable Accommodations
Proctor, Lynn 202-586-9545
Electronic Official Personnel Folders (eOPF) Butler-Gross, Carly 202-586-5433
Electronic Official Personnel Folders (eOPF) Samuel, Marilyn 202-586-8571
Employment Verification Butler-Gross, Carly 202-586-5433
Employee Viewpoint Survey Mathews, Thomasina 202-586-2657
Headquarters Leave, Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Epps, Carolyn 202-586-2130
Performance Management Evans, Annie 202-586-0328
Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Joy, Evelyn (Forrestal) 202-586-4995
Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Reese, Cheryl (Germantown) 301-903-4995
Wellness Programs Collins, Ernita 202-586-7020
Voluntary Leave Programs, Telework, NTEU Dues, Bargaining Union Determinations Robinson, Peggy 202-586-2591