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Office of Learning and Workforce Development (HC-20)

The mission of the Office of Learning and Workforce Development is to strengthen DOE’s workforce capacity and build a culture of continual learning and knowledge sharing.

To accomplish its mission, the Office of Learning and Workforce Development has developed the following goals:

  • Grow our Leaders– Ensure leadership continuity and instill leadership skills to support the mission and support human capital strategies.
  • Develop our People- Build organizational expertise and foster professional growth through adaptive and state-of-the-art learning and development.
  • Continuously improve our solutions delivery- Assess workforce needs and, develop and deliver continuously improving learning and workforce development products, services, and solutions that are cost effective and help the DOE workforce succeed.

The Office of Learning and Workforce Development is comprised of two distinct divisions, Learning and Workforce Development. The Learning Division provides strategic direction and support to the Shared Service Center (SSC) learning branches. These learning branches will support program level learning and development activities through needs assessment, mandatory training compliance reporting, individual/group training request processing, procurement, and logistics support. The Workforce Development Division will provide corporate assessment, evaluation, organizational development, and leadership development to support DOE employees.