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HQ Operations Division (HC-32)


  • Deliver employment operational and advisory services, including position management, recruitment, staffing and classification, reduction in force in Headquarters;
  • Provide operational and advisory support for competitive sourcing initiatives and impacted serviced population;
  • Provide information to HQ employee population on employee benefit programs (retirement; health, dental, vision, long-term care, and life insurance; thrift savings plan; flexible spending accounts; the transit subsidy program; and annual and sick leave, and long-term care through individual consultation, new employee orientation and exit interviews;
  • Deliver a range of human resources personnel processing functions to employees in HQ organizations, including processing actions, OPF maintenance, security clearances, and payroll interface; and
  • •Administer Headquarters career entry programs (e.g., Presidential Management Fellows Program, Career Intern Programs, etc.) and student employment programs.