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Re: DOE Request for Information – Implementing the National Broadband Plan by Studying the Communications Requirements of Electric Utilities To Inform Federal Smart Grid Policy

The Edison Electric Institute ("EEI"), on behalf of its member companies, hereby submits the following comments in response to the Request for Information ("RFI") by the Department of Energy ("Department" or "DOE") regarding the current and future communications requirements of utilities, including, but not limited to, the requirements of the Smart Grid in an effort to implement certain recommendations of the National Broadband Plan. EEI is the association of the United States investor-owned electric utilities and industry associates worldwide. Its U.S. members serve almost 95 percent of all customers served by the shareholder—owned segment of the U.S. industry, about 70 percent of all electricity customers, and generate about 70 percent of the electricity delivered in the United States. EEI frequently represents its U.S. members before Federal agencies, courts, and Congress in matters of common concern.