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Maxlite: Order (2010-CE-2701)

In the Matter of Maxlite, SK America, Inc. (general service flourescent lamps), DOE Case Number 2010-CE-2701, Adopting Order and Compromise Agreement. Order adopting accompanying Compromise Agreement. DOE found that Maxlite failed to submit compliance certifications for its products under 10 C.F.R. Section 430.62, and here assesses a civil penalty of $5,000 (if paid within 30 days) or of $10,000 (if paid between 31-60 days). Maxlite promises to certify all products sold in the US within 60 days, and agrees to a penalty of $150 per product per day over that deadline. In exchange, DOE will accept the penalty payment, issue the adopting order, and cease enforcement action.