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Letter from the Chairman of the Board of Lincoln County Commissioners Comments Concerning the Continuation or Modification of the Provisions of the Price-Anderson Act

On behalf of the Board of Lincoln County Commissioners, the Caliente City Council, and their
Joint City/County Impact Alleviation Committee, I am pleased to submit the following comments
concerning the continuation or modification of the provisions of the Price-Anderson Act. These
comments reflect the perspectives of a county and city which are located at the end of " the funnel"
through which the majority of all shipments of spent nuclear fuel, high and low-level radioactive waste
will pass on their way to interim storage and/or disposal sites at the Nevada Test Site (NTS). Since
1985, the Department of Energy has recognized the likelihood that Lincoln County and the City of
Caliente would serve as the transportation gateway for radioactive waste being transported to NTS.
Legislation, which has passed both houses of the Congress, requires the Secretary of Energy to establish rail-to-truck intermodal transportation facilities in Caliente to handle spent nuclear fuel and other high-level radioactive waste. DOE's Nevada Operations Office is currently preparing an environmental assessment regarding establishment of intermodal facilities in Caliente to handle shipments
of low-level radioactive waste.