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Manufacturer Voluntarily Reports Noncompliance

June 28, 2012 - 9:05am


Cooper Power Systems, LLC (“Cooper”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cooper Industries notified the U.S. Department of Energy’s (“DOE”) Office of Enforcement that it had distributed three noncompliant basic models (five total units) of liquid-immersed distribution transformers in U.S. commerce.  Each of these models failed to meet the minimum level of efficiency required by DOE regulations.  Cooper discovered that it had distributed the noncompliant basic models when preparing its first certification report under new DOE regulations.  Cooper immediately notified DOE of the noncompliance and requested guidance on corrective actions it should take. 

Cooper had already discontinued sales of these noncompliant models when it contacted DOE and agreed to cooperate with DOE enforcement efforts.  As a result of Cooper’s voluntary self-reporting and proactive efforts and the limited distribution of the noncompliant units, DOE issued a Notice of Noncompliance Determination without assessing any civil penalties against Cooper.  Cooper will notify all purchasers of these basic models that DOE has found the models noncompliant.