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DOE Resolves Nearly All of its September 2010 Certification Enforcement Actions

October 19, 2010 - 10:39am


The Energy Department's new Office of Enforcement, part of the General Counsel's Office, announced today that it has now successfully resolved 26 of the 30 certification enforcement cases brought in September 2010 as part of the Department's ongoing enforcement initiative. 

The Department will continue aggressively enforcing its certification requirements, which generate information that allows the Department to verify if a company is complying with energy and water efficiency standards that deliver significant energy, water, and cost savings to the American public.    

In September 2010, the Department brought 30 enforcement cases alleging that companies had failed to provide legally required certifications that their products comply with the Department’s energy and water use standards.  In 25 of these cases, the companies responded promptly to the Department's allegations and entered compromise agreements that include a commitment to certify all covered products. 

The Department will collect nearly $100,000 in penalties from the resolution of these cases.  The money is deposited in the United States Treasury.  The Department dismissed one case based on tangible evidence that the company, Aero-Tech, sells a type of bulb that qualifies for an exemption from the certification requirement.  Four proposed penalty cases remain pending.  The status of these cases is available here.