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DOE Requires Manufacturer and Labeler to Cease Sale of Incandescent Reflector Lamps

June 24, 2010 - 2:40pm


DOE has issued Notices of Non-Compliance Determination to Westinghouse Lighting Corporation and Fuzhou Sunlight Lighting Electrical Appliance Company requiring that they halt the sale of 8 basic models of incandescent reflector lamps in the United States.  DOE previously issued a civil penalty notice to Westinghouse for failing to submit required certification reports. The press release can be found here.

In response, Westinghouse submitted testing data that failed to demonstrate that the models listed below comply with DOE’s energy efficiency standards.  These lamps, usually used in recessed light fixtures, are manufactured in China by Fuzhou Sunlight and imported and privately labeled by Westinghouse. 

Both companies have 15 days to respond to the notice of non-compliance to confirm that they are no longer importing or selling these products in the United States.  The companies also must notify all of their direct U.S. customers (i.e., distributors and retailers) that have been sold noncompliant units of DOE’s determination that the models are noncompliant.

The basic models at issue are:

  • 50PAR30_F
  • 75PAR30_F
  • 45PAR38/F
  • 75PAR38/F
  • 90PAR38/F_130
  • 90PAR38/F
  • 90PAR38
  • 90PAR38_130