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DOE Office of Enforcement Resolves 20 Energy Efficiency Enforcement Cases

June 3, 2011 - 5:04pm


The Department of Energy's Office of Enforcement today announced that it has resolved the 20 enforcement cases it brought in April 2011 against companies for failing to certify that their products comply with the Department's energy and water use standards.  The certification requirement generates important information that allows the Department to verify compliance with its efficiency standards and ensures that consumers have the information they need to buy energy- and cost-saving products. 

In 17 of the cases, the companies entered agreements that include a commitment to certify all covered products.  As part of the agreements, the Office of Enforcement will collect and transmit to the United States Treasury over $100,000 in penalties.  The Department withdrew three cases based on evidence that the companies were not responsible for their products entering commerce in the United States.  The status of these cases is available here.