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DOE Issues Guidance on Electric Vehicle Recharging Stations

September 6, 2011 - 4:28pm


The U.S. Department of Energy recently issued guidance to its national laboratory management and operating (M&O) contractors on the installation and operation of electric vehicle recharging stations at lab facilities.  The guidance explains that lab contractors wishing to install electric vehicle recharging stations or make such stations available to employees and visitors have several options. 

Lab contractors may install such stations and seek reimbursement from the Department for their use to the extent such installation or use is reasonably required to meet fleet vehicle or demonstration project needs.  In addition, lab contractors may install electric vehicle recharging stations not required to meet fleet vehicle or demonstration project needs, provided the lab contractor itself pays the costs related to installation without drawing on its DOE letter of credit.  

Finally, where the Department of Energy pays a lab’s electricity bills directly, a lab contractor may make already-installed recharging stations available for use by employees and visitors, provided it works with DOE beforehand to effectuate a mechanism by which the contractor would effectively reimburse the Department for the costs associated with personal recharging.  The guidance is available here.