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DOE Initiates Enforcement Actions Against 4 Showerhead Manufacturers (Notice of Proposed Civil Penalty and Requests for Test Data Issued)

March 7, 2010 - 3:41pm


The Office of General Counsel has issued a Notice of Proposed Civil Penalty to Hudson-Reed Limited for failing to certify to DOE that showerheads manufactured or distributed within the United States meet the applicable water conservation standards as required by the Energy Policy and Conservation Act (EPCA) and DOE regulations.  This Notice of Proposed Civil Penalty proposes payments to the government of $1,920,200.  Under federal law, manufacturers of some products covered by EPCA are required to certify to the Department that their models meet the applicable water conservation standards.  These certification reports provide DOE with information critical to determining that American consumers are buying products that deliver significant water and cost savings in accord with DOE's regulations.  Unless the manufacturer settles this claim within thirty days, the Department will file an action for this amount in Federal District Court or with an Administrative Law Judge.

Additionally, the Office of General Counsel has sent Requests for Test Data to Hudson-Reed, Ltd, Delta Faucet Corporation, Watermark Designs Holdings, Ltd and Zoe Industries, Inc. The Department of Energy has received information that the showerhead models referenced below may exceed the federal maximum water flow rate. DOE's regulations permit the Department to conduct enforcement testing of a covered product upon receiving information in writing that a particular covered product may not be in compliance with the applicable performance standard. The first step of this procedure is for the Department to examine the manufacturer's test data, which is what DOE is requesting today.

The affected products are listed below:


Manufacturer Model
Hudson-Reed Limited

A303, A3041, A3042, A3043, A306, A307, A082, A088, A3167, A3068, A3202, A3207, A3212A, A3216, A3217, A3218, A3223, A3226, A3234, A3235, A3239, A3240, A3242, A3287, A3288, A341, A342, A3601, A3602, A3604, A3605, A388, A389, A397, A398, A398R, AP387, AP396, AS333, AS397, AS398, BDL0101, BDL0154, BDL0155, FH308, FH311, FH312, FH313, FH315, HJ350, HM350, TRUA3170, TRUA3213, TRUA3214, TRUA3236, TRUA3272, TRUAM312, TRUSP301, TRUSP302, TRUSP303, TRUSP304, TRUSP306, TRUSP307, TRUSP310

Watermark Designs, Ltd. SH-FAL70, SS-RH500, SS-RH600, SS-RH075, SS-RH080,SS-RH400, SS-RH700, SH-FAL90, SH-FAL50, SH-SQ050, SH-603,SH-DLX, SH-URB50
Delta Faucet Corporation In2ition 75582
Zoe Industries, Inc. 520522