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DOE Closes Investigation into Energy Efficiency of Viking Refrigerator

November 9, 2010 - 7:30pm


The Department of Energy has closed its investigation into the energy efficiency of Viking Range Corporation’s refrigerator-freezer model VCSB542.  The Department initiated this investigation in response to allegations that the model failed to meet federal energy efficiency standards.

After reviewing data provided by Viking for this model, the Department issued a testing demand on June 16, 2010 and initially tested four units, one of which was defective and replaced by a fifth unit.  The test results showed that two Viking units failed the federal energy standard for maximum energy use, while two passed.  Because of the wide variation in the results for the four tested units, DOE subsequently obtained sixteen additional units for testing, one of which was never tested because it was defective.  The other fifteen units passed.

Based on a statistical analysis of the test results for the 19 non-defective units, Viking’s refrigerator-freezer model VCSB542 meets the federal energy standards for maximum energy use and the Energy Star program requirements.  Accordingly, the Department has found the model to be compliant with the federal standard. The Notice of Compliance Determination can be found here.