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Gasification Systems 2013 Project Selections

The Department of Energy in 2013 selected ten projects that will focus on reducing the cost of gasification with carbon capture for producing electric power, fuels, and chemicals. The projects will contribute to the Office of Fossil Energy’s research portfolio for Advanced Gasification Technologies Development and Gasification Scoping Studies for Innovative Initiatives and will be managed by FE’s National Energy Technology Laboratory.

The projects will address research needs in three categories: (1) coal feed technologies — low-rank coal feed or coal-woody biomass feed technologies, (2) lower-cost oxygen production systems, and (3) high-hydrogen syngas production.

Two projects will expand on concepts already under development by DOE, and eight projects will explore new, innovative technologies through systems analysis and small-scale research and development.  The selected projects have the capability to increase the fuel flexibility of gasification to include not only high-rank bituminous coal, but also Western low-rank coal and natural gas. Additionally, the projects will contribute toward significantly reducing the cost of coal gasification with carbon capture and liquid fuels (Fisher-Tropsch diesel or methanol) production, so that gasification can support both U.S. economic competitiveness and environmental benefits around the world.