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Advanced Combustion R&D Selections

In 2013, the Department of Energy made several project selections under the Fossil Energy Advanced Combustion R&D program. Through these four selections, nearly $37 million - $26 million from the Energy Department and $11 million in cost-share from industry, universities, and other research institutions - is being committed over four years to address CO2 compliance required by the proposed regulations to reduce CO2 emissions.

These projects will continue laboratory-scale experiments, pilot-scale evaluations, and complementary modeling to advance their respective combustion concepts. The intent is to develop technologies that can be applied to new or retrofit/repowered coal-based power plants which will make a step change in progress toward the Energy Department carbon capture goal, to have available for demonstration beginning in 2025, technologies and best practices for achieving 90 percent capture at less than $40/tonne CO2 captured.