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Quadrennial Energy Review Stakeholder Engagement


The Quadrennial Energy Review (QER) process itself involves robust engagement of federal agencies and outside stakeholders, and further enables the federal government to translate policy goals into a set of analytically based, integrated actions for proposed investments over a four year planning horizon. In the Presidential Memorandum establishing the QER, President Obama directed the QER Task Force to “gather ideas and advice from state and local governments, tribes, large and small businesses, universities, national laboratories, nongovernmental and labor organizations, consumers, and other stakeholders and interested parties...”  As the Secretariat for the QER Task Force, the Department of Energy (DOE) coordinates stakeholder outreach through public meetings, stakeholder briefings, technical workshops, one-on-one meetings, and an online comments portal.


Over the course of 2016, DOE will convene a series of public meetings centered on the topic of the second installment of the QER, an integrated study of the U.S. electricity system from generation through end use.  A mixture of panel discussions and a public comment period will frame multi-stakeholder discourse around deliberative analytical questions relating to the intersection of electricity and its role in promoting economic competitiveness, energy security, and environmental responsibility. The Administration is seeking public input on key questions relating to possible federal actions that would address the challenges and take full advantage of the opportunities of this changing system to meet the Nation’s objectives of reliable, affordable and clean electricity.  


The formal stakeholder engagement process for the second installment will include a public meeting in Washington DC, followed by a series of meetings in locations around the country to solicit input and foster public dialogue about the QER. The locations of the meetings will provide for full consideration of the geographical diversity of electricity systems. DOE’s briefing memorandum for the second installment of the QER provides additional information regarding the topics under discussion at the meeting.

Washington, DC Public Meeting--February 4, 2016
Boston, Massachusetts--April 15, 2016
Salt Lake City, Utah--April 25, 2016
Des Moines, Iowa--May 6, 2016
Austin, Texas--May 9, 2016
Los Angeles, California--May 10, 2016
Atlanta, Georgia--May 24, 2016


To learn more about the Stakeholder Engagement process for the first installment, please reference the Analytical and Stakeholder Process Chapter of the QER. Additional information on previous QER public meetings can be found here.