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Revolution Now

Thanks to decades of these policies and investments, the clean energy future has already arrived for five key technologies: wind turbines, utility scale solar PV, distributed solar PV, electric vehicles, and LED light bulbs, each of which has seen drops in cost and growth in consumer demand over the past six years, as highlighted in Revolution Now: The Future Arrives for Five Clean Energy Technologies

The technologies in this report are already making a big impact and are easily visible: wind towers dot the landscape, solar panels appear on rooftops, LEDs are on every hardware shelf, and the latest EV models can be seen on many neighborhood streets.

Today, clean energy technologies are providing real-world solutions—not only do they reduce the carbon pollution that causes climate change, but they are increasingly becoming more cost-competitive with existing technologies, even without accounting for the climate benefits.

Highlights from the report include:

  • Wind accounted for 31% of all new generation capacity from 2008-2014, and achieved record low average PPA prices of 2.4 cents/kWh in 2014.
  • The cost of utility-scale solar PV installations have fallen nearly 60% since 2008, and cumulative capacity increased by 68% in 2014 alone.
  • As of the summer of 2015, there have been nearly 800,000 distributed PV installations, a result of a 52% cost decline since 2008.
  • Installations of LED bulbs increased from 400,000 in 2009 to 78 million in 2014, with a nearly 90% drop in costs since 2008.
  • Americans bought nearly 140,000 EVs in 2014, more than doubling the number purchased in 2012.

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