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Time to Talk about Home Energy Assessments Again!

November 1, 2010 - 7:30am


Energy audits, energy assessments, home energy checkups… They're all the same thing, and we've talked about them quite a lot on this blog already. But whatever you call it, the idea's the same: When you get a home energy assessment, a professional runs a series of checks on your home to identify problems with insulation, home appliances, and air leaks in your home.

We've talked about the topic so much because it's a pretty straightforward way to help your home: You identify problems, so you know what to fix. But rather than go on talking about it, we've put together another video that helps explain the process. 

That put it better than I could have, didn't it?

If you're interested in learning more (or doing more!), Energy Savers has information on Do-It-Yourself and Professional Energy Assessments. But even if you're not, hopefully you learned a little more about energy audits, or about the sort of things they can identify.