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Saving Energy in Spanish

October 12, 2010 - 3:23pm


The challenges we face today—petroleum dependence, climate change, clean air—concern everyone. Finding and implementing solutions requires that the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) reach out to all Americans. To connect with the 12.4% of Americans who are frequent Spanish speakers, EERE has created some great tools that speak their language.

For consumers interested in saving energy at home and work, Ahorro de Energía (Energy Savers) is a great place to start. The Ahorro de Energía Guide has tips on insulation, efficient heating, lighting options, and ENERGY STAR® appliances, all in an easy-to-carry booklet. 


If you're interested in improving your vehicle's efficiency, there are plenty of Spanish resources available at your fingertips. is the Spanish companion to, the Web site for the Fuel Economy Guide published by DOE and the Environmental Protection Agency. allows you to compare cars' fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions side-by-side and choose the one that suits your needs. It provides a variety of tips to help consumers drive more efficiently and save money. If you're interested in advanced technology vehicles, it provides information on hybrid vehicles, diesel vehicles, and electric vehicles, along with potential tax incentives for each.

Beyond fuel economy, Spanish resources are also available for fleets and consumers who wish to use alternative fuels. The Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Data Center lists a number of alternative fuel publications available in Spanish, including those on flexible fuel vehicles, natural gas, and propane. In addition to publications, a number of Clean Cities coordinators speak Spanish. These coordinators head groups of stakeholders interested in reducing their petroleum use in transportation. Coordinators can answer questions about reducing petroleum consumption, offer technical assistance with alternative fuel projects, and provide connections to local experts. The coordinators who speak Spanish have a "Habla español" label when you click on the Clean Cities map for a coordinator's contact information.

Beyond the Department of Energy, several other Federal agencies offer a variety of Spanish resources. Check out the EPA's Spanish Web site or bilingual blog entries. Find out what the President is doing on the White House's Spanish site, research services across the Federal government at (, or watch videos on the Federal Spanish YouTube channel.

Whether Spanish is your first language or you'd like to brush up on skills unpracticed since high school, EERE's Spanish language resources have a tremendous amount to offer. Saving energy is for everyone, no matter what language they speak.