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Saving Energy Is a Lifestyle, Not a Diet

November 25, 2008 - 4:00am


This blog has been aimed at helping you save energy. We've offered ideas on ways to fit your home for the winter months, including checklists of tasks from the easy to the not-as-easy, and we've shown how saving energy saves you money. Some of the posts here are practical advice, while others are about the why behind this whole effort.

So why are we doing this?

There are a few reasons:

  1. It's something you need to know. We at the Department of Energy have a responsibility to teach the public about energy; we can't expect people to make good, informed choices about being energy efficient if we haven't spelled out why this is important. If you understand why your choices matter, you'll be encouraged to make good choices.
  2. Technology needs public support. Things like solar panels for homes, wind farms and more fuel-efficient vehicles (including hybrids) need a market. Markets don't just happen—they need to be developed, by helping the buyers understand the benefits of energy efficiency and renewable energy.
  3. It sounds like hard work but it's just a series of steps. Much like trying to lose weight, getting your home and family to be energy efficient is about adjusting your lifestyle. Getting used to turning off lights and lowering the thermostat isn't glamorous or exciting, but small changes add up—and getting into the habit of being energy efficient is more than half the battle.
  4. You can do it. That's the most important thing.

And that's really what it's about. Huge changes happen from lots and lots of small changes being made. So make that change. You'll see that you don't have to go on an energy "diet;" you just have to adjust your lifestyle a little here and there. You'll be glad you did.