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Fuel Economy Valentines

February 14, 2012 - 10:05am


What’s more romantic this Valentine’s Day than taking a drive with your sweetheart? In fact, for most people this holiday, the plans will include some kind of travel, to a restaurant, show, or weekend getaway. Anytime spent on the road can be a great time to track your vehicle’s fuel economy, and has a tool to help you do just that!

Once you enter the Your MPG tool and select the make and model of your vehicle, you’ll choose a way to keep track of your fill-ups at the pump, recording your odometer and/or the amount of fuel you put in your vehicle. The tool then calculates your gallons per mile and saves this information in your account; you can log back in anytime to update and monitor your vehicle’s fuel economy.

A new feature allows you to enter your driving style, whether you’re the type who drives cautiously to achieve the best fuel economy, or you accelerate quickly and pass whenever possible. And the best part about this tool? It’s available on your mobile device, so you can record your mileage as you go.

You can even share your miles per gallon calculations with others who drive similar vehicles, and what is more in the spirit of Valentine’s Day than sharing?

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