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Energy Efficient, Summer-Friendly Appliances

June 2, 2009 - 1:43pm


Last week's question of the week included a little reference to the No-Cost and Low-Cost Tips to Save Energy this Summer. So I thought I'd follow that up with some, well, not-so-low-cost tips that you can consider this summer: Purchasing summertime, energy-friendly appliances.

If you're looking to replace any major cooling appliances this summer, you might want to look into Energy Saver's information on cooling systems—and especially the section on selecting and replacing heating and cooling systems. That'll help you know what questions to ask before you start looking.

And once you're ready to go out and start looking at appliances, you might want to consider looking into those that have an ENERGY STAR® rating. ENERGY STAR-rated appliances use less energy than standard models, so they cost less to power over their lifetimes. And that's not a paltry difference in costs—If you replaced a central air conditioner that's more than 12 years old with an ENERGY STAR central air conditioner, for example, you could save up to 30% on your cooling costs.

So if you're interested in looking, there are models available for central air conditioners, ceiling fans, and single-room air conditioning units.

Just a reminder that it's always important to look at not just how much an appliance costs, but how much it'll cost to power—especially if you expect to use that appliance for years!