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End of Summer Check Up: How Did You Do?

September 1, 2009 - 11:53am


Well, the end of summer is in sight. Labor Day is on the horizon, kids are getting ready to go back to school... and the summer energy efficiency tips we've given you are about to be retired for the year. Not all of them, but some apply only to the warm weather months, and so they'll get a rest while we retool for winter.

We're going to switch back to Stay Warm, Save Money (our "winter clothes" as it were), to help you get ready to save money during the cold months.

But before we go... let's level with each other for a second. It's okay, it's just you and me. Did you get started on making your home energy efficient this summer? Did you buy the stuff you needed, get started... and stop? Or did you see it through to the end?

If you saw it through, congratulations! You very probably saved some $$ on your monthly energy bill. If you didn't, well, we understand. We're not grading you, after all. But we DO want you to save money, so we hope you'll complete your projects and see for yourself that it was worthwhile. Give it a try. If the project you chose was too big, took too much time or cost more than you expected, try something else—there are LOTS of ways you can save money around the house. And getting a success or two can encourage you to tackle ever-larger projects. (Just don't try re-roofing your house all by yourself, okay? There are limits to what one person ought to do by themselves.)

Hope you had a great summer. Now get ready for fall and winter, 'cause they're right around the corner!