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TEPP Planning Tools and Procedures

TEPP "tools" have been developed to assist responders along the shipping corridors in preparing for an incident involving radiological materials/wastes. These tools provide a standardized approach to transportation emergency preparedness planning.

Needs Assessment : The Needs Assessment is divided into two sections, planning and training and the flow chart follows the path of each. Even if the assessment reveals adequate planning and training, the conduct of a drill or exercise can be used to validate the assessment results. If the assessment reveals improvements areas, the model plans and procedures and training provided should be implemented. (Click here  for an electronic version).

Procedures: TEPP model procedures have been developed to assist the responder jurisdiction in modifying their existing emergency plans and procedures to address a radiological transportation accident. The procedures are not all-inclusive, but were developed to meet the minimum national guidance for responding to a radiological transportation accident. The procedures are designed for use by trained and qualified emergency responders, and additional procedural requirements may be implemented according to appropriate state, tribal, or local requirements. There are six procedures that can be incorporated into existing standard operating procedures: