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TEPP GoKit Information

Training GoKits

Each TEPP Regional Coordinator has Instructor and Practical Exercise GoKits available for check out to assist instructors with delivery of the MERRTT Modules. The Instructor GoKit contains many of the props needed to demonstrate the optional information listed in the Instructor Guides. The Practical Exercise GoKits contain many of the items needed for the MERRTT Practical Exercise. GoKits can be requested by contacting your TEPP Regional Coordinator.


Instructor GoKit

The Instructor GoKit contains the following:

  • Radiation Detection Device
  • Miscellaneous radiation sources (smoke detector, Fiesta ware, lantern mantles)
  • Type A shipping package
  • Type A package inner container
  • Examples of radiation-warning labels
  • Examples of radioactive material placards
  • Copy of the Emergency Response Guidebook



Practical Exercise GoKits

The Practical Exercise GoKits contain the following:

  • Damaged Type A package for exercise use
  • Simulated Type B package for exercise use
  • Material to simulate spilled radioactive material
  • Several small exempt quantity radioactive sources (e.g., lantern mantles)
  • Copies of the Emergency Response Guidebook
  • Several sets of disposable PPE
  • Trash bags for disposal of PPE
  • Blankets for patient packaging
  • Two coils of black rope to simulate downed power lines