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Site Programs & Cooperative Agreements: West Valley Demonstration Project

West Valley Demonstration Project

The Seneca Nation of Indians has interests and concerns regarding the West Valley Demonstration Project Site. Like at Hanford, DOE environmental cleanup activities have the potential to impact natural and cultural resources and to interfere with American Indian religious practices. Through a cooperative agreement, tribal staff is engaged on a frequent basis with DOE and its contractors. The principle activities engaged by tribes include reviewing and commenting on plans and documents, participating in meetings at the request of DOE, monitoring cultural resource sites, participating in site surveys, and identifying issues that will require additional consultation with elected officials on a government-to-government level.

In addition, the Seneca have first responder status and are concerned regarding the transportation of hazardous materials routed through the Seneca reservation to and from the West Valley Demonstration Project. The Seneca coordinate with West Valley to insure compliance with established transportation notification protocols.

For additional information, please visit the West Valley Demonstration Project.