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Technical Fact Sheets

Technical Fact Sheets (TFS) provide summary-level information on the impact of new, deployed, applied, and/or planned technical approaches supporting EM cleanup projects.  The TFS is presented as a two-page document which summarizes the technical challenges, solutions, accomplishments, and impacts of the technical efforts.  Additionally, they present the features, vendors, sites, states, national labs and universities that might be involved in developing technical solutions.

Deactivation & Decommissioning (D&D)

GammaCam Technology Demonstration at ORNL Buildings 3026C and 3026D
Stack Characterization System for Inspection of Contaminated Off-Gas Stacks
3-D Model for Deactivation & Decommissioning
D&D and Risk Assessment Tools
RadBall Technology For Hot Cell Characterization
Review of Beryllium Management Practices at Rocky Flats During Closure Operations
Structural Monitoring System (SMS) and Visual System (VS)
Study of Alternative Approaches for Transite Panel Removal
Techniques and Technologies for Field Detection of Asbestos Containing Materials
Assessment of Facilities, Materials, and Wastes Proposed for Transfer to EM
Assessment of the Integrated Facility Disposition Project at Oak Ridge National Laboratory & Y-12 for Transfer of Facilities & Materials to EM
Capturing Process Knowledge for Facility Deactivation and Decommissioning
D&D Toolbox Robotic Deployment of High Resolution Laser Imaging for Characterization
D&D Toolbox Project - Technology Demonstration of Fixatives Applied to Hot Cell Facilities via Remote Sprayer Platforms
Decision Support Tool for Prioritization of Resources Dedicated to Surveillance and Maintenance Activities
Major Risk Factors to the Integrated Facility Disposition Project
D&D Knowledge Management Information Tool
Demonstration of Fixatives to Control Contamination and Accelerate D&D
Maximizing the Benefit from the D&D Technology Development Program
Demonstration of DeconGelTM at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Building 2026
RESRAD Computer Code - Evaluation of Radioactively Contaminated Sites
Lessons Learned from Independent Verification Activities
Experimental Breeder Reactor-II Primary Tank System Wash Water Workshop
Non-Destructive Analysis Calibration Standards for Gaseous Diffusion Plant (GDP) Decommissioning


Savannah River's Biomass Steam Plant Success with Clean and Renewable Energy