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Quality Assurance Corporate Board

The Office of Environmental Management (EM) Quality Assurance Corporate Board is an executive board that includes both senior U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and contractor representatives who are involved with construction, operating, and decommissioning projects. The Board acts in an advisory capacity to the EM Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Safety and Security Program, who is the Chief Executive Officer and Chair of the Board. Decisions on the Corporate Board's recommendations are acted on by EM senior management.

The Corporate Board provides the management structure to integrate the independently managed federal and contractor Quality Assurance Programs into a single corporate entity. The Board serves as a consensus-building body to facilitate institutionalization of a QA Management System across the EM-Complex. The Board will ensure that major Quality Assurance program decisions and recommendations incorporate and promote the use of the best practices and commonly accepted standards in nuclear industry. The by-laws, foundation memorandum, and meeting information for the Corporate Board are provided in this section. Any questions concerning the EM Quality Assurance Corporate Board can be directed to Bob Murray, Director for the Office of Standards and Quality Assurance, at 202-586-1426.

Quality Assurance Corporate Board Meetings