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Office of Standards and Quality Assurance Correspondence

The Safety, Security, and Quality Programs (EM-40) and subsequently the Office of Standards and Quality Assurance (EM-43) place a large emphasis on the fact that the Environmental Management (EM) work of safely cleaning up the environmental legacy of the Cold War is performed in the Field. A primary role of our Headquarters (HQ) office is assisting the Field to achieve mission success and recognizing that we are accountable for the quality, timeliness, and efficiency of our efforts, products, and support to the Field.

EM-43 also embraces the EM Business Model which emphasizes completing these support functions in a proactive manner, not simply identifying issues. This approach is consistent with the EM-40  A3 concept of awareness, assessments, and assistance. The information contained on this webpage is focused on the awareness portion of the A3 concept. Awareness can be defined as "having realization, perception, knowledge, implies vigilance in observing or alertness in drawing inferences." Awareness is a two-way process. EM-HQ needs to be aware of what is transpiring in the Field, and be responsible to make Field elements aware of assessment results, trends, best practices, lessons learned, and significant events.

In support of the awareness of the various sites and field offices, EM-43 is providing a collection of memoranda that have been generated through our office. These documents are considered information that will be relevant and useful to the Field sites and contractors and will provide better awareness of the actions of our office. The ability to provide a central location for memoranda that are relevant across the EM Complex directly contributes to the EM Management Initiative of Improving Alignment between HQ and the Field. Site specific audit results are not included in this section, but can be accessed by the federal site offices through the EM Hub database. If you have any questions about the information provided on this page, please contact our office at (202)586-5151.

Memo on Implementation of DOE O 414-1D

Memo Distributing EM-QA-001 Rev 1

EM Capital and Major Operating Project Standard Review Plan Edition Two 

Protocol EM-HQ Review Field Self Assessment Site Specific QAP-QIP February 2010 

Signed Quality Assurance Hub Memo

Suspect and Counterfeit Items Memo