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EM Recovery Act Performance

Footprint Reduction

The Office of Environmental Management's (EM) American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Program recently achieved 74 percent footprint reduction, exceeding the originally established goal of 40 percent. EM has reduced its pre-Recovery Act footprint of 931 square miles, established in 2009, by 690 square miles. Reducing its contaminated footprint to 241 square miles has proven to be a monumental task, and a challenge the EM team was ready to take on from the beginning.

In 2009, EM identified a goal of 40 percent footprint reduction by September 2011 as its High Priority Performance Goal. EM achieved that goal in April 2011, five months ahead of schedule, and continues to achieve footprint reduction, primarily at Savannah River Site and Hanford. Once EM achieved the original target, new targets were set for the balance of fiscal years 2011, 2012, and 2013. These targets were surpassed and additional gains are not expected through the balance of the Recovery Act program.


  • The EM Recovery Act Program set a goal of achieving accelerated completion of 46 regulatory milestones by the end of FY 2011 using Recovery Act funds
  • For 91% of the targeted milestones, EM successfully completed the goal of acceleration
  • This performance is consistent with EM's overall, historical success rate regarding regulatory milestone completion
  • Milestone completions successfully accelerated: 42
  • Milestones not completed by accelerated target date: 4
  • Percent of milestone acceleration goal achieved: 91%