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Recovery Act


The Department estimates the $6 billion Recovery Act investment will allow us to complete work now that would cost approximately $13 billion in future years, saving $7 billion. As Recovery Act work is completed through the cleanup of contaminated sites, facilities, and material disposition, these areas will becoming available for potential reuse by other entities.

Recovery Act funding is helping the Department reach our cleanup goals faster. Through the end of December 2012, EM achieved a total footprint reduction of 74%, or 690 of 931 square miles. EM achieved its goal of 40% footprint reduction in April 2011, five months ahead of schedule.

Recovery Act payments exceeded $5.9 billion in December 2012. Recovery Act work began in April 2009, with a focus on soil and groundwater remediation, radioactive solid waste disposition, and facility decontamination and decommissioning activities.

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