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International Activities

International Activities

The International Program assists the DOE Office of Environmental Management (EM) in identifying technologies and strategies for waste processing, groundwater and soil remediation, spent nuclear fuel and surplus nuclear material disposition, and facility deactivation and decommissioning.  The International Program seeks to transform advances in science and engineering into practical solutions for environmental remediation.  Collaboration with governmental, academic, and industrial organizations in other countries expands the technical depth of the EM program.

Working with the international community offers the opportunity to develop consensus on approaches to science, technology and policy for environmental and nuclear material management. Dialogue addressing common technical issues helps develop an internationally recognized foundation of sound science to support our environmental clean-up mission.

The technical scope for the Office of Soil and Groundwater Remediation focuses on:

  • Radionuclide distribution and migration
  • Biogeochemical gradients and permeable reactive barriers
  • Site characterization
  • Performance assessments and modeling
  • Predicting, contaminant fate and transport in the vadose zone
  • Monitoring, access, control and delivery of remedial action in the deep vadose zone
  • Transformational remediation technologies
  • Natural attenuation and enhanced remediation technology development
  • Green and sustainable remediation
  • Long-term monitoring and data management
  • Advanced modeling and simulation