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What's New for the Department of Energy's (DOE) Long-Term Stewardship (LTS)

On 11 February 2011, the Department replaced its DOE Order 5400.5 Radiation Protection of the Public and the Environment, Chg 2, dated 1-7-93 except for Chapter III (―Derived Concentration Guides for Air and Water‖) and Figure IV-1 (―Surface Contamination Guidelines‖) with a new DOE Order 458.1 Radiation Protection and the Environment.

In DOE Order 458.1, DOE establishes more requirements to protect the public and the environment against undue risk from radiation (including long-term stewardship requirements) associated with radiological activities conducted under the control of the Department of Energy (DOE) pursuant to the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended (AEA).