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Report of Survey of the Los Alamos Tritium Systems Test Assembly Facility

The purpose of this document is to report the results of a survey conducted at the Los Alamos Tritium Systems Test Assembly (TSTA Facility). The survey was conducted during the week of 3/20/00.

The primary purpose of the survey is to identify facility conditions and issues that need to be addressed to transfer responsibility for the facility from the Office of Science (SC) to the Office of Environmental Management (EM). The second purpose is to provide EM with insight regarding the facility’s risks and liabilities, which may influence the management of eventual downstream life-cycle activities.

The survey and this report are part of a process for implementing the requirements related to the disposition of excess facilities addressed in DOE Order 430.1B Chg 2, REAL PROPERTY & ASSET MANAGEMENT, using the associated guidance for facility transition, deactivation, surveillance & maintenance, and decommissioning.