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Guides: Design/Engineering for Deactivation & Decommissioning

To ensure development of appropriate levels of engineering detail, DOE-EM’s Office of Deactivation and Decommissioning and Facility Engineering (EM-13) has prepared this guidance for  tailoring a D&D project’s engineering/design to meet the objectives of the CD milestones.  The enhanced rigor in planning and systematic, forward looking approach to engineering/design recommended in this guidance is intended to ensure that the level of detail in technical planning and technical  development, integrated with other project aspects such as safety basis  modifications, leads to a high confidence that the engineered system as a whole will function as designed.  As the level of detail iteratively increases as D&D project development progresses and matures from CD-1 through CD-3, the extent of uncertainty and risk proportionally decrease and a measurable improvement in project definition, quality, and confidence in the baseline is established.

This guidance serves as a tool for use in D&D project planning and provides a roadmap and process for evaluating and integrating engineering and design into the project baseline and execution.  The degree of applicability and its use is the responsibility of the Federal Project Director (FPD) and the Integrated Project Team (IPT), understanding that the primary objective is to provide sufficiently detailed technical input needed for the project’s scope, schedule, and cost baseline.