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EM Five-Year Plan (FY 2008 - FY 2012)

The purpose of the EM Five Year Plan is to describe EM's planned strategies, funding and accomplishments over the next five years. This plan summarizes EM progress to date, presents EM performance measures, discusses assumptions and the EM decision-making process, and provides estimated EM funding over the FY 2008-2012 time period. Following this summary are sections that provide detailed information on each site including planned accomplishments at the target funding scenario.

EM's five year planning targets are significantly different from the funding targets that appeared in the FY 2007-2011 Five Year Plan. Site planning allocations that formed the basis for the planned accomplishments contained in this Plan were based on a number of factors, such as risk-based priorities, baseline requirements, contract funding requirements, and equity. EM is in the process of independently auditing its cost and schedule baselines. EM continues to refine its out-year planning based on maturing and evolving scope and requirements, audited baselines and cost estimating, and regulator and stakeholder input. As a result, EM anticipates that strategic planning will become an even more useful tool for the program.