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Attachment I: Approval of Agreement-in-Principal with the State of Alaska

US Department of Energy


DATE: January 31, 1995
REPLY TO ATTN OF: EM-22 (C. Smoot, 202/586-2352) 
SUBJECT: Approval of Agreement-in-Principle with the State of Alaska
TO: Manager, Nevada Operations Office

Thank you for providing the draft Agreement-in-Principle with the State of Alaska for review and approval. I approve the execution of the Agreement-in-Principle and related grant, contingent on modification of the agreement to reflect the attached comments. Of special note, the agreement should be modified to include (1) language that requires state quarterly performance reporting as part of the grant requirements and (2) language that requires the State to allocate program costs related to the Agreement (see specific revisions in Attachment A).

In accordance with the DOE Financial Assistance Regulation, Title 10, Code of Federal Regulation, Part 600, and the Department of Energy, Delegation of Authority Memorandum dated April 21, 1994, the Nevada Operations Office currently has the authority to approve a determination of non-competitive financial assistance for implementation of a grant issued to the State of Alaska in support of the final Agreement-in-principle.

I greatly appreciate the efforts of your staff in developing the agreement, and look forward to hearing of progress in its implementation. To support our efforts to maintain accurate files of our agreements, please provide Mr. Mike Kleinrock and Mr. Joe Fiore with copies of the final, executed agreement and supporting grant paperwork.


Thomas P. Grumbly
Assistant Secretary for
Environmental Management

R. Lightner, EM-45
D. Shafer, EM-452

[Note: The attachment to this memorandum was not found in the file. This memorandum is referred to as Attachment I in Attachment G to the December 22, 1995 State Agreement-in-Principle Program Guidance Memorandum.]